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System Files Backup and Restore


System Files Backup and Restore assists you in backing up system files and restoring them in case of a system failure. Thus you can always revert to last known good configuration and minimize the chances of bad software installations and viruses.

At present it supports backing up only the Windows Registry, System Files and Per User Registry Settings.

Secure Encryptor


There are certain files and folders on your system which contain secret data. Anybody can simply browse your directory, locate the file and read the data. Data security is the primary objective of every computer user.

Secure Encryptor does this for you. It encrypts files and folders in such a manner that no one can understand what the actual data is. Secure Encryptor does not harm your data.

Secure Encryptor comes with a user friendly and familiar explorer like format. It displays all the files and folders present on your system.

Secure Encryptor comes with an explorer like interface displaying folders on your system. You need to click on the folder to view the files inside for selecting files to encrypt.

Easy Backup Files and Folders


Backup Manager is a utility which allows you to take backup of all the files and folders that are on your system. Backup Manager comes with a easy and user friendly backup and restore wizard which lets you make backups of your files, folders, emails and even registry entries.

You can even take backups of outlook express on your system and restore it on any other system. With Backup Manager you can also schedule your backup and restore process.

Backup Manager helps you to create backup jobs and lets you restore these jobs in future to retrieve old settings and data.

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