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Reorganize your files.

Find Duplicates Files


Duplicate Files as the name suggests are files with same name, same size, and same time stamp. Your system may have many duplicate files that use precious disk space. These duplicate files not only occupy your disk space but also make your system files access rate slower. Duplicate references are the major cause of human and program error. You can use the Find Duplicate File tool to find and remove duplicate files.

Duplicate File Finder helps you to free disk space by finding and removing duplicate files from your system.

Repair and Fix Zip Files


Very often in our computing requirements we need to work with zip files. Windows offers support for zip files, but does not provide any utility to check the structure or stability of zip files. With the repair and fix zip files utility you may recover data from corrupted zip files thus restoring them to normal functionality.

Even the slightest alteration can corrupt the validity of zip files. This can cause you to lose all data in a particular zip file.

Zip File Fixer is your solution to all such problems.

It safely repairs the file specified and for added protection it will make a backup copy of the original file. This allows you retrieve a repaired files original format and structure if needed.

Split and Join Files


Split and Join provides you with the ability to split a large file into smaller pieces and can easy rejoin them to a single file.

Split and Join utility is helpful in:

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