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Keep your schedule synchronized.

Appointment Planner


With Appointment Planner, you can schedule any appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. It lets you maintain a database of appointments, holidays and passwords for easy review.

By using Appointment Planner you can be notified of upcoming appointments or holidays. Appointment Planner helps in remembering all your passwords by maintaining a database which contains this data.

With Appointment Planner, you can also:

Appointment Planner has a all familiar Outlook style. You can plan and schedule just by clicking the button associated with the designated event.

Sticky Pad


At times you may wish to put sticky notes on your screen for later use. It may be the extract of some conversation, some error notification or anything of the kind which you wish to use later and want easy access to as we might not be able to perform the action associated with them immediately.

Sticky Pad provides you a solution for that.

You can use sticky pad to add on screen notes for review. Here one can add as many notes as desired. These notes can be edited or deleted. It continuously runs in the system tray providing you with easy access without annoyances.

Sticky Pad comes with editable colors and fonts.

Media Files Organizer


Media File Organizer is a tool to manage the media files easily and effectively. It lets you manage audio files, video files, skin files etc. in all popular formats. You can effortlessly organize all types of media files. It allows you to group the files under various folders, create play lists, save your database, organize a favorites folder, preview files, search database, and update the database.

Arranging media files through Media File Organizer provides you with easy access to all media files. This is possible through grouping the files into folders.

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