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Maintain your privacy.

Privacy Protector


Privacy Protector is used to maintain your system privacy. Many things that you do on your computer are tracked and the evidences of them are stored on your system. These entries can be easily exposed to prying eyes over the internet or through other methods without your knowledge.

Things such as the web sites you visit, files you view and download over the Internet, the applications and files you access on your hard disk, the programs you run, and many other presumably private actions are automatically tracked and even distributed to other individuals.

Regularly eliminate these entries that you leave behind to ensure Privacy of your system.

Secure Delete


When you delete any file or folder from your system it gets removed physically but it can be recovered easily. This data can be recovered through inexpensive and easily available data recovery utilities.

These tools make your data unsafe as any unauthorized person can recover the deleted data and use it.

Secure Delete allows you to remove the recovery capabilities of these types of software there by protecting your privacy and security of your system.

It uses the utmost safety method American DoD 5220.22-M developed by US Department of Defense to securely remove the data.

Spyware Detective


With increasing use of internet and network connections outside world spying has increased over the years. What software you use and which sites you visit are some common spying reasons. This data is tracked and used to provide pop ups according to browsing habits.

When you download and install many applications these applications come with other capabilities like spyware and tracking abilities. These types of software not only compromise your data but as well effect you system performance. This information is then transferred to a central server on internet for analysis of the data.

Spyware detective will search for and inform you of most commonly found Spywares and mark them for removal.

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