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Safe Uninstaller


Sometimes we find the need to remove or uninstall programs from your system as we no longer need them or they occupy needed space on our systems. To remove or uninstall a program we have to move through the Control Panel, which can be a bit complicated and inconvenient to novice users.

Uninstall Manager helps you easily uninstall programs from your system without going through the complexities of the Control Panel.

Uninstall Manager is an easy to use utility to manage the programs installed on your system. It is used to uninstall the programs from your system and removes the entries from the list of programs appearing in the control panel.

It provides you with a complete and easy to view list of entire programs installed on the system along with their descriptions.

Uninstall Manager displays the program name, location, version, uninstall string, location of display icon of the program and other available information about the program.

Block Programs


Block Programs helps you to Block the Execution of programs on your system. This feature will allow you to protect your programs and system from unauthorized execution.

Block Programs protects the execution of the protected programs. It also helps in blocking unauthorized access to the Windows Registry, Control Panel, and provides various other privacy protection modules.

Logon Settings


If you are bored of viewing the same style of Windows logon you can use the Logon Settings feature to customize your windows logon.

Logon Settings provides you with many options which make windows startup a lot more attractive.

System Logon is a potential threat to system security. A loop hole in start up enables anyone to tweak and access your system easily.

Along with security many times we wish to customize system logon according to our requirements. We may desire to have a logon message upon start up or want detailed status message.

Logon Settings provides us with an easy way to configure the system start up. You can configure various startup security settings or you may configure the automatic logon to rid yourself of the logon task every time you restart your computer.

It can arrange the Windows Tour on startup. Logon Settings also allows you to view complete status details on start up. It provides you with the flexibility to change the settings for the current user.

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