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Features: System Cleaner

Get rid of junk files collected on your system.

System and Disk Cleaner


Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporary storing of data. These files are supposed to be removed when an application terminates. Often, they don’t because of a program error, sloppy architecture, your system gets reset, does not shut down properly, or another application locks up. It is important to know that any file which is left behind in this manner will remain on your system unless you manually search and remove it. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate to megabytes of wasted hard drive space, as well as turn into potential error-producing cross-linked drive references. System Cleaner and Optimizer targets these specific types of files which are missed by common disk utilities like Uninstaller, Defrag and Scandisk etc.

Along with wasting space on your system, obsolete and junk files can produce very hazardous results if not properly cleaned from your drive on a periodic basis.

Registry Cleaner and Fixer


Over time, the windows database or "the Registry" in which Windows and other applications store information can begin to hold data that is no longer valid. Such information points to locations where there was a file, but now the file is no longer valid. Often such invalid links occur because programs uninstalled do not completely remove their registry entries, programs were not correctly uninstalled by the user, a user views a file attached to email without saving them to disk, or applications have been moved without uninstalling and reinstalling them. This invalid data eventually begins to clutter the system registry, slowing Windows down and causing other possible problems.

Just like bad cholesterol gets accumulated in our body and can lead to serious medical troubles, similarly Registry clutter can lead to serious troubles, like system crashes and reboots. So as doctors advise to exercise regularly to keep bad cholesterol levels down, Registry Cleaner is also recommended to keep the clutter out of the registry.

The Registry Cleaner and Fixer will cleanup and streamline your Registry by finding and removing these invalid data references. Invalid links are common in the system registry.

Startup Cleaner


There are certain programs that you want to execute when your system starts. In general users make a program execute at windows startup by copying the executable file to the startup folder or by adding a registry entry.

Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager helps you to easily manage program execution at windows startup. Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager is used to administer the programs executing on startup.

With Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager one can easily add programs which one wishes to run once or every time the system starts.

Programs added to the startup folder can be easily viewed or removed by any one, but Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager provides you tool by which you not only can add programs in the startup folder but also in the Windows Registry and Win.ini file.

Adding programs to the Registry and Win.ini file protects the program.

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