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Features: System Optimizer

Reorganize your resources.

Memory Optimizer


There are many programs and services run at one time on your system and each require memory. As memory is allotted to each and every program and service on your system, a situation arises that the computer may fall short of memory resources.

Why do you need Memory Optimization?

If you are facing any of these problem while working on your system then you need Memory Optimizer.

Memory Optimizer Optimizes the Memory Management of Windows. This results in better performance.

Memory Optimizer does not require any special configuration neither will it effect your system stability.

Registry Deffrager and Optimizer


What Registry Optimizer and Defragger does?

Registry Optimizer and Defragger eliminates registry fragmentation. It gives you a fresh new registry with no holes, no redolent data.

Advantages of Registry Optimizer and Defragger:

Windows Optimizer


There are lot of programs installed on your system. When you install your windows thes programs are used for your convenience. The appearance and settings which effect how your computer works and responds.

To make working on your system more interesting and more in accordance to your needs Windows Program Settings has been introduced.

Windows Optimizer helps you in tweaking Windows Programs according to your requirements.

Windows Optimizer provides you various options to customize programs on your system.

All the options are divided into categories and sub categories. You just need to click on the respective settings.

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