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Find out about your system.

System Information


System Informer is a utility which lets you view at a glance all the details of your system. In a easy to use and user friendly interface, it provides you with complete information about your system.

System Informer enables you to know your system more so that you work more efficiently.

System Informer has been divided into ten modules. Each module provides you with information about different aspects of your system. From dirvers and directx information to Detailed hardware and Windows information.

Files and Folders Information


File and Folder Information helps you to view at a glance all the folders, files inside them and the space occupied by them on your hard disk.

This utility is an important tool with which you can organize your data and can easily view the Data on your disk.

You can also use this utility to make print outs of the details shown by the Disk Informer.

It provides information about the drives on your system in an extremely user-friendly and attractive way.

It has an explorer like interface displaying all the available drives and folders on your system. Other detailed information includes the size and location of each folder and drive.

System Analyzer and Advisor


System Optimizer and Adviser is a unique tool that lets you know about your computer. It helps you to easily maintain your computer for more efficient use.

System Optimizer not only helps you optimize your computer settings but also gives expert advice about your current system settings and how these settings can be adjusted for the best performance. System Optimizer and Advisor collects your system settings and analyses those settings to provide advice on improving system performance.

System Optimizer and Advisor as well addresses Internet Explorer settings for fast browsing and downloading.

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